Ella Cowin (thunderflyer) wrote,
Ella Cowin

Day Two.

As expected, today was much more painful than yesterday. All of the residual anesthesia had worn off by the time I woke up and I had slept through my 4am dose of pain medication.

I have gotten caught up with the Pain Train where it's just twinges and a background stinging at the incision cites. My bowels have still not properly awakened, but I am not uncomfortable since I have really restricted myself to clear liquids and super soft foods in small quantities.

Carl remarked that my complexion isn't as ruddy as it usually is, and my eyes are starkly clearer than they have been in years.

It's funny how when a disease slooooooowly creeps up, you either get used to the symptoms, or don't notice them at all. The only way I can measure from my perspective how sick I was is by noticing how much less sick I am now. I haven't really done anything to improve my hydration, but my urine is so light yellow compared to the dark orange that it was.

The best feature of all of this is that when I go to sleep, I don't immediately awaken mid barf. I also don't waken from choking, and gagging, and retching, or feeling like my throat is going to close up on itself.

And to think, just going on the blood tests and the sonogram, there was no reason to believe that I was actually sick and not just fat and middle aged.

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