Ella Cowin (thunderflyer) wrote,
Ella Cowin

Keeping Up, Sorta

Major things that have happened recently are:
-we refinanced the house for 1.5 points less than we were paying, saving us nearly $50/month.
-got in to see a great, compassionate pain management doctor, who looked at my MRI films and immediately wanted to hug me, it was so bad. We tried an epidural shot to reduce the inflammation, and it worked for about two days, and then went back to being just as bad as before the shot, with a little bit more numbness in my toes than before the shot (or numbness that I noticed more once it had gone away, and then returned)
-got referred to a neurosurgeon because conservative measures wasn't going to fix the issue, and it's not recommended to keep getting epidural shots as the chances for worsening the damage being done by an obliterated disk at L5-S1 is high, especially if the benefits only last a couple of days
-got scheduled for lumbar surgery, not a fusion though, faster than normal because I am just lucky like that, for August 15, sooner if there is a cancellation. It's going to be similar to my previous surgery, with a few more orthopedic modifications to my spine to allow for the very advanced osteoarthritis and will include removing the facet joints that are growing spurs, and as much spine as can be removed to widen the spinal canal itself as it is closing itself up from bone overgrowth due to the arthritis.
-our air conditioner has gone tits up, shit the bed, etc. This happened while we were out playing Mutant: Year Zero (a table top RPG). We have a house warranty that covers the plumbing, foundation, water heater, water pump,the ac/furnace, and a couple of other things that I can't quite remember. Put the work order in Sunday about this time, and the service guy will be here tomorrow before noon. Meanwhile, it is hot as balls in this house that was never designed with the idea of not running the ac in temps above 70 degrees F.
-Carl was transferred from his cushy job of working in the store room, handing out tools and parts to working making paper on a paper machine. It's less pay, harder work, much worse working conditions, longer hours, and a rotating shift. The upside is there is So Much overtime available, unlike his former position.
-I almost forgot! I have been losing weight like someone sewed my lips shut. I am down to 214 pounds now. I had to buy a pair of shorts this evening. The first pair I tried were a 22. They fell right off. The 20s were too big, too. So, my husband brought me a size 18. They were roomy, but didn't immediately fall off.

Here's the thing: I'm not dieting. I am eating less, sure, but that's because The Pain has all but robbed me of my appetite. I have decided that once I get below 200, I will consider getting my knee replaced so that functions like I really want it to. Being lighter will definitely make the recovery easier, and the appliance last longer.

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